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Open catalog APIs and data: ALA presentation notes posted

I’ve now posted my materials for the two panels I participated in at ALA Midwinter. I have slidesĀ  available for “Opening the ILS for Discovery: The Digital Library Federation’s ILS-Discovery Interface Recommendations“, a presentation for LITA’s Next Generation Catalog interest … Continue reading

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Revised ILS-Discovery interface recommendation released

I’ve just sent the following announcement out to the ILS-Discovery Interface Google Group: The Digital Library Federation’s ILS-DI task group has officially released revision 1.1 of their recommendation for standard interfaces for integrating the data and services of the Integrated … Continue reading

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DLF ILS Discovery Interfaces: Revised recommendation draft open for comments

Today we released a draft of “revision 1.1” of the ILS Discovery Interfaces recommendation. As I discussed in my previous post, this revision is intended to clarify the implementation of the Basic Discovery Interfaces recommended for integrated library systems (ILS’s), … Continue reading

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Update on ILS-Discovery Interface work

It’s been a while since I posted about the official release of the Digital Library Federation’s ILS Discovery interface recommendation. Marshall Breeding recently posted a useful update on the further development of the interfaces at Library Technology Guides. As the … Continue reading

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Surpassing all records

What will happen to all the White House emails after George W. Bush leaves office in January? Who will take charge of all the other electronic records of the government, after they’re no longer in everyday use? How can you … Continue reading

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Now it’s official

As I hoped, the good news was announced by Peter Brantley of the Digital Library Federation while I was away in Canada: the recommendations of the ILS-Discovery interface task group, which we’ve been talking about and drafting over the last … Continue reading

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A break, and coming attractions

I’m about to head off to the wilds (okay, the farms) of Saskatchewan to relax with family on a much-welcomed break. I’ve got to the point in packing where we’re trying to figure out which books to bring. (Which involves … Continue reading

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Views of possible future architectures of cataloging

PALINET convened a symposium today here in Philadelphia on the future of cataloging. There was a full turnout, with over 150 library professionals attending. It appeared that the organizers had to scramble a bit to distribute lunch to the large … Continue reading

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An implementation of the DLF’s Basic Discovery Interfaces recommendation

The DLF’s ILS-Discovery interface recommendation work, which I’ve been leading, continues. We’re now in the process of producing the official recommendation, which I hope will be out soon. (Especially since I fully intend it to be out there before I … Continue reading

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ILS-Discovery interoperation: New recommendation draft, last call for comments

The new draft of the ILS-Discovery recommendations I mentioned in my last post is now out. You can download it, and read more about it, on our task force wiki. As I mentioned previously, we intend this draft to be … Continue reading

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