DLF ILS Discovery Interfaces: Revised recommendation draft open for comments

Today we released a draft of “revision 1.1” of the ILS Discovery Interfaces recommendation. As I discussed in my previous post, this revision is intended to clarify the implementation of the Basic Discovery Interfaces recommended for integrated library systems (ILS’s), and make them more useful for discovery applications.

On the DLF ILS Discovery Interfaces web site, you’ll find the revision draft and the accompanying schema, along with the initial official recommendation (or “revision 1.0”). My last post included a summary of the major changes from version 1.0.

We’d like to give folks a chance to comment on the changes before we make them official. We’ll take comments until November 18, shortly after the end of the DLF Fall Forum, so folks wanting to go to our birds of a feather session on implementing the recommendations can talk with us there and still have some time to send in written comments. (Or, you can send them in ahead of time so we can think on them at the forum.) Comments may be emailed to me, and I will pass them along to the rest of the task group. There’s also still the open Google Group for discussions.

I’m hoping we’ll start to see Basic Discovery Interfaces implementations, clients, and test suites soon based on the new recommendations and schema. They’re not that different from version 1.0, but should be more useful. I’m working on revising my example implementation now, and hope to see more implementations in the not too distant future. And I look forward to hearing interested people’s thoughts and comments as well.

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