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Repository services, Part 2: Supporting deposit and access

A couple of days ago, I talked about how we provided multiple repository services, and why an institutional scholarship repository needs to provide more than just a place to store stuff.  In this post, I’ll describe some of the useful … Continue reading

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Repository services, Part 1: Galleries vs. self-storage units

Back near the start of my occasional series on repositories, I noted that we had not just one but a number of repositories, each serving different purposes. In tight budgetary times, this approach might seem questionable.  Right now, we’re putting … Continue reading

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What repositories do: The OAIS model

(Another post in an ongoing series on repositories.) In my previous post, I mentioned the OAIS reference model as an influential framework for thinking about and planning repositories intended for long-term preservation. If you’re familiar with some of the literature … Continue reading

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Surpassing all records

What will happen to all the White House emails after George W. Bush leaves office in January? Who will take charge of all the other electronic records of the government, after they’re no longer in everyday use? How can you … Continue reading

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Repositories: Benefits, costs, contingencies (with an example)

(This is the third post in a slow-cooking series on repositories.) In my last repository post, I listed a variety of repository types that we maintain at our institution, each with different content, operation, and policies. At the end of … Continue reading

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Repositories: What they are, and what we use them for

(Note: This is the second of an ongoing series of posts on repositories. The first post is here.) The JISC Repositories Support Project defines a digital repository as “a mechanism for managing and storing digital content.” I find this a … Continue reading

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Everybody’s repositories (first of a series)

The library where I work has decided to think long and hard about its digital repository strategy. Your library may be doing this too, or may have recently done so and is now working on carrying out that strategy. If … Continue reading

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