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Quick! While there’s still time!

Folks interested in copyright information sharing may be interested in the following draft proposal for encoding copyright evidence in MARC records, the standard format used for library catalog records. It was published on December 17, just a couple of days … Continue reading

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Quick links of interest

Some resources I’ve recently hear about that look like they deserve some attention (which I haven’t given them yet, but find worth noting now) The first issue of the Code4lib journal is out, with lots of interesting-looking articles on next-generation … Continue reading

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Kids on the lawn, and copynorms

There’s an interesting discussion over in John Scalzi’s blog about a new organization called the Organization for Transformative Works, which essentially aims to legitimize fan fiction as first-class expressions safe from copyright challenges. As I write this, there are over … Continue reading

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Notes (and Queries) about adopting serials

The other night, Mary was researching the authorship of a memoir of the Battle of Waterloo, originally published under the by-line “An Englishwoman”. After searching online, she found a link to an article published in an 1871 issue of Notes … Continue reading

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We the mediators

Back in early 2006, Peter Brantley (now the director of the Digital Library Federation) got a lot of interesting folks in libraries and publishing together in one room to talk about issues related to reading in the digital age. While … Continue reading

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Copyright information sharing: An update

I regularly get mail about the web pages I have on copyright registrations and renewals and the inventory I did on the first renewals of periodicals. Turns out a lot of folks, both inside and outside of libraries, are interested … Continue reading

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Book People postscript

This past Friday I closed down the Book People mailing list, a forum for people making and reading free online books that Mary and I started in 1997. Much of the activity of folks on the list would be early … Continue reading

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Library branding? I got your library branding right here

Hey, I’d love to be able to give directions like this to where I work: “Just look for the giant books“. Okay, one of these is only a temporary facade, and the other is for the parking garage rather than … Continue reading

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