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Public Domain Day advent calendar #19: Souls for Sale (photoplay) by Rupert Hughes

“Anything you can do, I can do meta” is a quip that’s been gleefully adopted (literally or in spirit) by philosophers, geeky computer scientists, and performers.  It’s a tweak of a line from Annie Get Your Gun, a show about … Continue reading

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Public Domain Day 2017: Keeping memory alive

It’s a bit hard to believe, but there are now adults in the US who cannot remember a substantial Public Domain Day.  In their own lifetimes, copyrights for published works have never expired here.  But I remember when they expired … Continue reading

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The week between Christmas and New Years is mostly time off for me– I’ve added no new listings to The Online Books Page this past week, for instance– but even on vacation, as long as I have a working Internet … Continue reading

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My mother’s orphan

Before my mother was pregnant with me, she was working on a book. The book had begun its gestation at least a year before. She had been teaching math in Massachusetts, and was involved with the Madison Project, one of … Continue reading

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Lots of conversation keeps stuff sustainable

Among the hats I wear at my place of work is that of LOCKSS cache administrator. LOCKSS is a useful distributed preservation system built around the principle “Lots of copies keep stuff safe” (whose initials give the system its name).  … Continue reading

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Every book its libraries: or, Taking care in withdrawal

The question of when to withdraw materials from libraries has gotten heightened attention lately.  Everyday readers may not always realize it, but most libraries get rid of books and other materials on a regular basis.  Libraries typically have limited space, … Continue reading

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Remember this

I am eating a sandwich at the end of Pier 14 in San Francisco.  The sun has set behind the downtown skyscrapers, and the colors in the sky are slowly fading to grey.  I’m not the only diner out here.  … Continue reading

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What repositories do: The OAIS model

(Another post in an ongoing series on repositories.) In my previous post, I mentioned the OAIS reference model as an influential framework for thinking about and planning repositories intended for long-term preservation. If you’re familiar with some of the literature … Continue reading

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Surpassing all records

What will happen to all the White House emails after George W. Bush leaves office in January? Who will take charge of all the other electronic records of the government, after they’re no longer in everyday use? How can you … Continue reading

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