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In which I finally buy an ebook

In my last post, I discussed why I wanted to buy ebooks I could truly own, and my subsequent attempts to buy such a  copy of John Scalzi’s Redshirts from a readers’-rights-friendly retailer.  I initially had a hard time finding … Continue reading

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In which I try to buy an ebook

Not long ago I went to the bookstore and bought some books. This is how: I found some books I liked on the shelves, brought them to the front counter, and handed the clerk some money.  The clerk put my … Continue reading

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Why Banned Books Week matters

It’s Banned Books Week again, and Amnesty International, the American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression and the American Library Association are among the groups noting the occasion. I’ve also updated the links on my ongoing exhibit Banned Books Online in … Continue reading

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A break, and coming attractions

I’m about to head off to the wilds (okay, the farms) of Saskatchewan to relax with family on a much-welcomed break. I’ve got to the point in packing where we’re trying to figure out which books to bring. (Which involves … Continue reading

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Close readers

There’s been a lot of public fretting lately over the state of reading. People don’t read as much as they once did, we’re told. When it’s pointed out that in fact lots of people are reading online, we’re sometimes told … Continue reading

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