Open catalog APIs and data: ALA presentation notes posted

I’ve now posted my materials for the two panels I participated in at ALA Midwinter.

I have slides  available for “Opening the ILS for Discovery: The Digital Library Federation’s ILS-Discovery Interface Recommendations“, a presentation for LITA’s Next Generation Catalog interest group, where I gave an overview of the recommendations and their use.   At the same session, Beth Jefferson of BiblioCommons talked about some of the social and legal issues of sharing user content in library catalogs and other discovery applications.

And I have the slides and remarks I prepared for  “Open Records, Open Possibilities“, a presentation for the ALCTS panel on shared bibliographic records and the future of WorldCat.  In that one, I argue for more open access to bibliographic records, showing some of the benefits and sustainability strategies of open access models.

Karen Calhoun has also posted the slides from her presentation at that panel.  Peter Murray also presented; I haven’t yet found his slides online, but he’s blogging about what he said.  The fourth panelist, Brian Schottlaender, didn’t present slides, but instead gave thoughtful summaries and follow-on questions to some of the points the rest of us made.  From the audience, Norman Oder of Library Journal took notes and then wrote a useful report on the session.

I’d like to thank the organizers of these sessions, Sharon Shafer and Charles Wilt, for inviting me to speak, and my co-presenters for sharing their ideas and viewpoints.

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I'm a digital library strategist at the University of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia.
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