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Views of possible future architectures of cataloging

PALINET convened a symposium today here in Philadelphia on the future of cataloging. There was a full turnout, with over 150 library professionals attending. It appeared that the organizers had to scramble a bit to distribute lunch to the large … Continue reading

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An implementation of the DLF’s Basic Discovery Interfaces recommendation

The DLF’s ILS-Discovery interface recommendation work, which I’ve been leading, continues. We’re now in the process of producing the official recommendation, which I hope will be out soon. (Especially since I fully intend it to be out there before I … Continue reading

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Everybody’s repositories (first of a series)

The library where I work has decided to think long and hard about its digital repository strategy. Your library may be doing this too, or may have recently done so and is now working on carrying out that strategy. If … Continue reading

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