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Repositories: What they are, and what we use them for

(Note: This is the second of an ongoing series of posts on repositories. The first post is here.) The JISC Repositories Support Project defines a digital repository as “a mechanism for managing and storing digital content.” I find this a … Continue reading

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Now it’s official

As I hoped, the good news was announced by Peter Brantley of the Digital Library Federation while I was away in Canada: the recommendations of the ILS-Discovery interface task group, which we’ve been talking about and drafting over the last … Continue reading

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A break, and coming attractions

I’m about to head off to the wilds (okay, the farms) of Saskatchewan to relax with family on a much-welcomed break. I’ve got to the point in packing where we’re trying to figure out which books to bring. (Which involves … Continue reading

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100 years of the first sale doctrine

On June 1, 1908, 100 years ago today, the US Supreme Court decided Bobbs-Merrill v. Straus, a case that established what would become known as the “first sale doctrine”. This doctrine, now codified as part of the US Copyright Act, … Continue reading

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