3 Responses to Do we need a “reader’s rights registry”?

  1. “It could track books withheld or withdrawn from full text access, for whatever reason, and work to provide access through alternative channels where appropriate.”, so, a YouTomb for GoogleBooks?

  2. John Mark Ockerbloom says:

    Interesting idea. I hadn’t looked at Youtomb previously, but its takedown logging does sound like one of the possible registry functions I had in mind. Although I don’t think Youtomb aims to makes any attempt attempt to put them back up. In this case, the books in question would still be retrievable offline (if not online) in most cases, so they could be put [back] up if a copy were found and posting it wouldn’t violate the law.

  3. Eric Hellman says:

    The Berkman has proposed something relevant, but at far as I can tell, it has done nothing to make it happen. http://openaccesstrust.org/

    I doubt that a “readers rights registry” would be able to do much good for the simple reason that you can still get sued for copyright infringement whatever a reader’s rights registry says. To have an effect, you would need for a charitable trust that would acquire and exercise the rights of those rights holders whose principal desire is to make their intellectual works as widely available as possible.

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