6 Responses to 50,000 online book and serial catalog records released as CC0

  1. Thank you for all the work you’ve done over the past twenty years! I still refer readers to the metapage you prepared for Balzac’s Human Comedy.

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    This was one of the first and the best resource I found for locating etexts and I still use it.

  3. carlandrews says:

    hi John! 20 years is a long time. Thanks for recording all those catalog. I am sure this can be helpful. Keep it up man!

  4. Gary Gustafson says:

    I just found your site. Very cool. Have you ever heard of a site that is like YouTube but for writers? I was thinking it would be interesting to allow people to publish their own books, but to have a system that would allow the best books to come to the surface. Also you could talk about the books, and even order printed copies for money. What do you think? Has someone already invented it?

  5. Htos1 says:

    Thanks for all your work,proud to say I’ve been here since ’94.

  6. yaya says:

    Thanks for the efforts

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