2 Responses to Categorizing people without marginalizing them

  1. Beth P Camden says:

    Interesting. I wonder if this same approach might solve the “communities of interest” problem. Catalogers are trained to use the most specific LCSH terms that apply to whatever they are cataloging, but this specificity sometimes makes it difficult to pull together things in broad ways. For example: all new e-books of interest to the Veterinary Library community.

  2. You handle this problem: “It makes the broader categories too crowded to be useful?” very well. It is exactly as you say. The broader category is very helpful next to another search specifier, be it broad or narrow.

    In a hierarchical list of geographical terms within Asia that I know of, every term is ending with Asia.
    A manager complained: “we should shorten our descriptions, because every term is ending with Asia! One gets far to many hits when the search term is Asia.”

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