Quick links of interest

Some resources I’ve recently hear about that look like they deserve some attention (which I haven’t given them yet, but find worth noting now)

  • The first issue of the Code4lib journal is out, with lots of interesting-looking articles on next-generation catalogs. I’m looking forward to reading the article on facet-based navigation in LCSH, since I’ve done some work with LCSH navigation, and think there’s more we can do with it than just facets. Some of the articles may also be relevant to the ILS discovery interface group I’m working with.
  • The Copyright Clearance Center is starting a Discover Works wiki that’s attempting to collect and disseminate information about copyright holders to different works. It’s a tricky thing to do, and I still have to see how well this will work as a platform, but they’ve sucked in a lot of initial data, and it will be interesting to look at it in more detail. (Thanks to Merrilee Proffitt for the tip.)
  • The University of Texas has officially launched its Free the Books blog, a place to “challenge ideas about creation and authorship and discuss copyright laws, the public domain and orphan works.” They’re planning to digitize over a million volumes at Texas, sdo this isn’t simply a theoretical concern for them.

All worth a look, in my opinion, if you have the time. I hope to get more of a look at these soon.

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I'm a digital library strategist at the University of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia.
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