This is a blog about everybody’s libraries: Libraries for everybody, by everybody, shared with everybody, about everything. The reason and focus for the blog is described in more detail in its first two posts: The Rise of Citizen Librarians and Everybody’s Libraries.


The editor and main writer is John Mark Ockerbloom. John works for the University of Pennsylvania Libraries, and also maintains The Online Books Page. Previous forums and serials he’s run include the Book People mailing list and the Online Books Newsletter. The views expressed on this blog are his alone and are not necessarily those of his employer. We do not accept advertisements or paid links.


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Comments and suggestions

John welcomes comments to posts and suggestions of topics for the blog. Comments do not require registration (though they do require a name and email address) and most comments that don’t resemble spam or have more than a couple of links go straight to the blog without any human screening.  The proprietor reserves the right to delete, disemvowel, or remove links in comments (in whole or in part) that in his judgment do not contribute usefully to discussions here. Offtopic comments, and comments that are largely advertisements, are more likely than others to be deleted. Comments on permanent pages (like this one) are usually not retained permanently (but can be used to suggest updates to the page in question, and will generally be deleted after they’re considered).

Folks who would like to have their replies more prominent, or who find the proprietor’s comment moderation too restrictive, are welcome to reply on their own blogs, which can be established free of charge on many blog hosting sites, including wordpress.com, the platform used for this blog.

2 Responses to About

  1. Wow,this is really awesome,i really appreciate your effort of publishinp this books for the benefit of all,more knowledge from God to u.

  2. Renata Sturm says:

    Thank you so much! I am a Brazilian editor and I your blog is amazing.

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