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  1. Dave says:

    Hi. This is great news! Does it mean anything if I can’t find a periodical in the list? Specifically “Sword and Trumpet”. It is a Mennonite periodical that is still going today. It was established in 1929 by George R. Brunk I. There are a couple of articles from 1955 and 1956 that I’m looking to get copyright information on. Any help?

  2. Dave says:

    Another question. I’m not completely sure about things here. What is the difference between issue renewal and contribution renewal. I can guess, but I’d like to be certain. When you say contribution renewal what do you mean? That someone who contributed renewed an article? Or that the magazine itself renewed all contributions?

    If a magazine isn’t even listed does that mean it didn’t even apply for initial copyright status so that it didn’t have any copyrights to renew 28 years later? I’m thinking that’s one possible reason why The Sword and Trumpet is not listed at all.

    I’ve done a bit of digging and it seems my hunches are correct, but I’ll post this comment either way.

    It appears from this link (https://archive.org/stream/catalogofcopyrig392libr#page/303/mode/1up/search/sword) that the Sword and Trumpet never even applied for initial copyright.

    I’m also interested in The Alliance Weekly. So I checked out the page of Copyright Information for it (https://onlinebooks.library.upenn.edu/webbin/cinfo/allianceweekly) and there it has a line “First renewed contribution in: February 12, 1944; see 1972 January-June”. The year 1972 in that line is hyperlinked and it brings me to the Copyright registrations for 1972 page. When I clicked on the Books and Submissions to Periodicals link and searched for “Alliance” I found the one article that had been renewed for copyright. However, does that mean it must have been entered separately for initial copyright as I cannot find initial copyright registration for the Alliance Weekly at all.

    And that brings up an interesting question related to my first question, because if I search that same issue of the copyright registrations of the year 1955 I do not find The Alliance Weekly there So why is it listed in your periodicals section but The Sword and Trumpet is not?

  3. John Mark Ockerbloom says:

    Dave: Thanks for your questions. It looks like _The Sword and Trumpet_ did not renew any of its issues, and renewals were not filed for any contributions to the magazine, which is why it wasn’t in my listings when you asked your question. (I’ve since added an entry noting the lack of renewals.) _The Alliance Weekly_ was listed even before you asked your question because there was a contribution renewal that we noted.

    Regarding issue vs. contribution renewals: Issue renewals are generally filed by the publisher of a periodical, and can be considered to cover the entire contents of the renewed issue. (It might not in all cases, but that’s the safest thing to assume without further information.) Contribution renewals are generally filed by the author of a particular article or story in a periodical, and cover only that particular article or contribution.

    I do sometimes find copyright renewals in the Catalog of Copyright Entries without a separate listing for their original registration. I can’t tell you for sure what that means, but my assumption is that the renewals are valid. There was for a while considerable latitude in when you could file an original registration, so it may have been possible to file an original registration for an article and a renewal at more or less the same time. In such cases, there might be only one CCE entry covering both, with both the original registration ID (in this case, the one starting with A5-) and the renewal registration ID (the one starting with R) shown. But that’s just my best guess; I welcome comments from others who know more.

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