2 Responses to Book liberation with open data (or, how The Online Books Page just got much bigger)

  1. Tod Robbins says:

    What about Internet Archive’s Open Library? I see it as a wonderful open access competitor to WorldCat, and it’s collaborative.

  2. John Mark Ockerbloom says:

    OpenLibrary has a lot of potential, yes, and I hope to include some of the online books it indexes in my catalog as well. I hope you’ll see more about this in the not-too-distant future.

    I don’t really see it as a head-to-head competitor against WorldCat, and at least so far it doesn’t seem to be set up for large-scale collaborative cataloging (that is, where lots of libraries are actively working on shared catalog data), like WorldCat is. But who knows whether it, or some other site, might emerge as such a collaborative hub in the future? As with other innovative domains, I don’t expect whatever eventually succeeds WorldCat to look just like its predecessor.

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