Learn more about ILS discovery interfaces

I’m presenting today at a NISO webinar on interoperability, giving an overview of the work I did with a Digital Library Federation task group to produce recommendations for standard APIs for ILS’s supporting information discovery applications.

I’ll include a link to my presentation later today, after the webinar is over.   I’m also happy to answer questions here about the ILS-DI work.  (I’ve also covered that work here before in the blog.)

To help folks keep track of ILS-DI implementations and related activities, I’ve also created a new page on this site linking to the recommendation, implementations and followons, and related projects.  I’ve started it with just the basics, but plan to fill in more information shortly.

Update: I’ve now posted my slides and speaker notes.

About John Mark Ockerbloom

I'm a digital library strategist at the University of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia.
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