3 Responses to Drawing a line in the sand, Part 2: Problems with OCLC’s catalog policy

  1. Mark Andrews says:

    I wonder if OCLC’s management doesn’t need to be changed by its board, and OCLC’s board changed by OCLC’s members. If that doesn’t happen, perhaps its time that OCLC be replaced by one or more smaller competitors.

  2. jrochkind says:

    Only a minority of OCLC’s board is currently actually elected by the members, which I consider to be deeply unfortunate

    But talk of replacing management or board is WAY premature at this point, because OCLC members haven’t even, by and large, expressed the direction they WANT OCLC to go. If an organized effort by libraries makes it clear that these kinds of restrictions are unacceptable, and the board/management ignore then, THEN it’s time to start thinking about how to replace them, maybe. But that hasn’t happened! I’m not even sure most “libraries”, as respresented by our administrators and directors, even agree with us.

    If library directors and administrators (who are responsible for speaking on behalf of the library), aren’t thinking strategically about what is in their interests, or aren’t agreeing with us who think these kinds of restrictions are not, aren’t making it clear to OCLC what they believe their interests are and pressuring OCLC to act in them–the blame for this is at the feet of library members and their leadership, not OCLC.

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