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December 1, 2007

Library branding? I got your library branding right here

Filed under: architecture,libraries — John Mark Ockerbloom @ 4:39 pm

Hey, I’d love to be able to give directions like this to where I work: “Just look for the giant books“.

Okay, one of these is only a temporary facade, and the other is for the parking garage rather than the library building. But it would be a cool idea for a permanent feature, especially if the books changed periodically (as a few commentators at the above link suggest.)

Where I work, we could probably fit them nicely between the arrow slits. (The main entrance looks better now than when that photo was taken, though the exterior outside my office on the third floor Walnut Street side is basically identical to the third-floor facade you see here.)

(Thanks to Making Light for the pointer.)

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